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A letter from the Queen!

There was much excitement at Hatch Warren Under Fives this week, when the children received a letter from the Queen!

The letter, bearing the official ER and Buckingham Palace stamp, was a huge surprise for Michelle, Head of Preschool, and for the children. Inside was a thank you card from the Queen, a personal letter from Her Majesty’s Lady-in-Waiting and some brochures about the Palace and the Crown Jewels.

Back in June, the children of Hatch Warren Under Fives had a great week celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday. They sent Her Majesty a card, some very special drawings and their own messages.  And this week they’ve been rewarded for their hard work with this very unique and special memento.

The Lady-in-Waiting wrote in her letter, “The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for the lovely drawings, card and messages which you have sent on the occasion of her Her Majesty’s ninetieth birthday.” She added, “The Queen was interested to hear your questions and Her Majesty greatly appreciates your kind words.”

What a great and exciting start to the new preschool year!