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Exciting New Year Plans - Kempshott Under Fives

We have exciting new plans for 2021 at Kempshott Under Fives. We are introducing structured Tuesday sessions with some of the most popular activities we do throughout the week.

Tuesdays will be less toys and a specific focus on messy play, outdoor phonics and preschool yoga.

  • We have been doing preschool yoga sessions for some time so we already know the children love it! Yoga has many proven benefits for preschool age children, it helps children manage anxiety, it improves children’s emotional regulation, boosts their self esteem, increases body awareness and mindfulness, enhances children’s concentration and memory and helps develop strength and flexibility
  • Messy play is another firm favourite, not only is it great fun, it provides children with exciting tactile and sensory experiences which improves their curiosity, imagination and exploration skills and encourages communication and language development. It also supports children to play independently. 
  • Every Tuesday we will also take an outdoor listening walk to help build our phonics skills. Phonics is so adaptable that it can be taught in a number of different ways and taking it outside can increase the children’s attention span and their willingness to learn. Learning in the fresh air, with natural light, smells and sounds has proven to be more enjoyable, as well as rewarding for children. In the UK it is recommended that phonics should be the first way to introduce reading skills to children.