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Staff news - Kempshott Under Fives

We feel really fortunate at Kempshott Under Fives to announce that Alison Cuss, our part time staff member and a specialist in Speech and Language, is increasing to four days per week from December.

Alison does an amazing job with individual and group work in speech and language at our preschool. Speech, language and communication are vital life skills for children and allow them to express themselves and engage in conversations, understand instructions and get the most out of their education and life experiences. During covid, many services for speech and language have ceased and face-to-face appointments have been delayed, which obviously impacts the children's development. Alison has been vitally important for us at this time to fill the gap from those services so we’re delighted that she is now with us for 4 days a week. If you would like advice or support on speech and language in your child’s preschool journey, please let us know and Alison will be happy to chat to you.