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The procedures within the preschool not only set out our legal requirements of what we have to do, but also how Hatch Warren Under Fives Preschool will follow through to a satisfactory conclusion its obligations to children, staff and parents.

All the procedures are reviewed annually, unless there is a notification of a change to be made legally, by either the Head of Preschool or the Treasurer.

Accounts/Expenses/Payroll and Salary Preparation procedures are the responsibility of the Treasurer and these outline the procedures for the main financial aspects of the preschool. The Grievance procedure and the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checking procedures are the responsibility of the Head of Preschool to update in accordance with current legislation and good practice guidance.

Complaints, Disciplinary, Appeals, Grievances and Recruitment procedures are the responsibility of the Personnel committee.


Parent Groups

The availability of groups for children under preschool age is of fundamental importance for the development of these children socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Hatch Warren Under Fives is committed to providing these facilities to everyone, in line with the Equal Opportunities Policy.


Outlines how Hatch Warren Under Fives recruits its staff and who is responsible for the employment of all staff. We use Safer Recruitment Guidelines throughout the recruitment process.

Emergency Evacuation

The welfare of all children, staff, students and visitors is of paramount importance. This procedure outlines what we will do to comply with regulations and what procedures we will follow in the event of fire/bomb threat.


Outlines how and to whom a parent should address any complaints or concerns regarding the preschool and / or staff and what will happen in response.

Disciplinary and Appeals

Outlines the procedures that are in place for the disciplinary actions against staff and their rights to appeal and how.


Outlines how and to whom a staff member should address any grievance or concern regarding the preschool and or staff and what will happen in response.

Staff Training

It is our aim to actively encourage, motivate and support, where at all possible, staff attending/completing training courses. A staffing/qualification structure has been established, which ensures that all our legal obligations are maintained whilst providing a safe and secure environment for the development and education of the children placed in our care.

Emergency Closure

Outlines what will happen and how in the event the preschool has to close due to an unscheduled event such as adverse weather, pandemic, fire etc.

Disclosure and Barring Service (formally known as Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Checking

Outlines the procedures in place to check all staff, volunteers, students and committee members to ensure that they are suitable to work within Hatch Warren Under Fives and Kempshott Under Fives as a childcare facility.

Emergency Evacuation

Outlines the evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency at the Community Centre, such as fire, gas leak, bomb threat etc.

Health & Hygiene

Outlines what steps will be taken to ensure the health and hygiene of everyone involved within the preschool.

Planning for Human Influenza Pandemic

Outlines how Hatch Warren Under Fives will follow the guidance set out by the Department of Education in the event of a Human Influenza Pandemic.

Sun Protection

Outlines how and why Hatch Warren Under Fives will protect children from the sun during hot and sunny days.