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SEN Provision (Special Educational Needs)

Promoting Equality

Hatch Warren Under Fives is an inclusive preschool that is committed to equality. We

aim for every pupil to fulfil their potential no matter what their needs. Our preschool is

committed to anti-discriminatory practice; we promote equality of opportunity and value

diversity for all children and families.


Types of SEN at Preschool

At Hatch Warren Under Fives we have experience in supporting children with a wide

range of needs including Autistic Spectrum Disorder; speech, language and

communication needs; specific learning difficulties; moderate learning difficulties; severe

learning difficulties; hearing impairment; visual impairment and physical difficulties.


How do we identify and assess children with SEN?

Most children and young people will have their educational needs met at preschool

through good practice. At Hatch Warren Under Fives we follow a graduated support

approach, which is called ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review’. This means that we will:

• Assess a child’s special educational needs.

• Plan the provision to meet your child’s aspirations and agreed outcomes.

• Do put the provision in place to meet those outcomes.

• Review the support and progress.


As part of this approach, we will introduce a SEN Support Plan that describes the

provision that we will make to meet a child’s special educational needs and agreed

outcomes. Parents and carers will be fully involved in this process.

A small percentage of children and young people with significant learning difficulties

might need an assessment that could lead to an education, health and care plan. Full

details can be found on the Local Offer website.


Pastoral Medical and Social Support

At Hatch Warren Under Fives we consult with a wide range of agencies and have the

relevant partnerships to ensure pastoral, medical and social needs of SEN children are

met. These may include speech and language therapists, paediatricians, educational

psychologists, portage and Outreach support.


Additional Help

Please contact us to arrange an appointment with our SENCO Angela Blomquist if you

require more information, additional help or support.


SENCO - Angela Blomquist T: 01256 322788  E:


Please follow this link to the Local Offer website: